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creative portrait series

When you work as a creative, it’s hard to find the time to BE creative. You know, for yourself. You’re jamming on campaigns and photo shoots and viral videos and social media and WHAT’S EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT ON THE INTERNET (a category that changes by the hour). It can be… daunting? overwhelming? paralyzing?… to even consider doing or making creative for yourself. It’s easy to forget what you loved to do before you became a creative professional.

I’m always hard on myself for not writing more, for not taking more pictures, for not editing the pictures I take, for not producing a sweet video about the old guy who takes pictures of old trees all over the city with a palladium dark room in the back of his car.

I find that talking to creatives makes me feel better. Especially when brunch is involved (I’ve also found that creatives never do breakfast). Talking to other industrious creatives reminds me that yes, I can be more productive and still be true to myself. They remind me how lucky I am to be doing this thing that brings inspiring and fresh and new challenges my way. They affirm my hopes and help dispel my doubts. They remind me why I leapt and they remind me that the net always appears.

We need to be fed. As creatives, as professionals, as artists, as humans.

And so I bring you the Creative Portrait Series: in which I introduce you to all of my favorite creative humans. These pieces will be released every Sunday morning around brunch time. Consider it the kick-in-the-ass you need to feel good about Monday. Should pair nicely with a cup of coffee or a mimosa.