RT @drewber: It is legitimately insane that the entire fate of the country runs on business hours and when a contraption used to count your…

hi. i'm doing the twitter again.

if you want some good honest feedback about yourself, have 2 kids, 6 employees, & 1 ex-wife. 👏shit👏stays👏real 👏

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oh, hai, hooman. i'll take all the calls from here. kthxbai. https://t.co/dCYnalXtVx

dominican newspaper posts pic of @AlecBaldwin (instead of @realDonaldTrump) 😂😭😂😭😭😭 @nbcsnl is officially too real https://t.co/JxWffj354h

RT @RegardingJosh: Donald Trump: See you in Court! The Court: I'm a court so... https://t.co/itq5unj1fY

RT @Ok_Seen: When your mom calls u from the other room to bring her something that's right next to her https://t.co/yZCZzwSxyW

RT @USGSVolcanoes: #Kilauea #Volcano #lava pours into #ocean creating #littoral #explosions that throw spatter onto #Hawaii sea cliff. http…

RT @SenSanders: President Trump, you made a big mistake. By trying to divide us up by race, religion, gender and nationality you actually b…

RT @drewber: A reminder that women united every kind of human globally today. Remember this.

RT @timothyogoodman: Wait, did y'all notice that @POTUS is leaving a photo of John Lewis as the header photo? 🔥 https://t.co/MaU3D5VQ9z

RT @markedly: Spanish: The h is silent English: Many letters can be silent French: All letters are meaningless, every living thing is born…

RT @repjohnlewis: Our nation has at times created & enforced unjust laws. It is up to people of conscience to expose such injustice through…

ah. the weekly #snl review. i hope he wakes up pissed every sunday for the next 4 years. keep up that #goodtrouble… https://t.co/kQ7xizCbr1

RT @mskristinawong: @FrankCooney @realDonaldTrump Doesn't matter. When Trump sees black people he sees "African Americans are living in hel…


RT @BitterSouth: https://t.co/79GoU4GjS0

RT @drewber: Pretty sure the only thing he hasn't gone after like a petulant child is Highlights magazine. https://t.co/dxJwmfyZal

RT @LibyaLiberty: One of the people in one of these photos told one of the people in the other photo that they're all talk & no action. htt…

RT @Evan_McMullin: On this Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, let it be clear that John Lewis is an American patriot. Trump's attacks on him f…

RT @repjohnlewis: Even though I was arrested, I smiled bc I was on the right side of history. Find a way to get in the way #goodtrouble htt…

my step-daughter's portrait of @repjohnlewis, drawn when she was just 8yo #goodtrouble #wewillnotgiveup… https://t.co/GOS5O6xYyz

no action? no results? HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT? https://t.co/sdcH5UHNYi

the only trouble happening in @repjohnlewis 'a district is #goodtrouble

RT @RVAwonk: .@realDonaldTrump Crime is down 30% since 2009 in district represented by Rep John Lewis. https://t.co/nnchPXQEzA https://t.co…

we got a neon sign today & it's perfect & i love it & let's DO THIS! #sorryforpartying https://t.co/brvzn3mnMK

... manners. https://t.co/rgN429sZQc

it's interesting how much better your work becomes when you stop making everything so important. maybe 34 is the year i get over myself.

2017: the year when dictionaries & burger joints become friends. anything is possible, people. https://t.co/S7fES7pA7f

woke up 2nd guessing my decision to skip the grocery store last night, but then i realized... i have EVERYTHING i need to make biscuits. 😏

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RT @drewber: It's like you don't get that Twitter isn't texting your ex-gf that you're not over at 3am. https://t.co/AGymMz4Sww

RT @EdgarAllanCo: Murray & Bright - Happy Holidays from Edgar Allan https://t.co/Nic5jyXBMQ https://t.co/BKYuqa0uHt

lunch with frandz @iambarnesy @RiasBluebird https://t.co/gLF3nx6s1b

RT @realDonaldTrump: The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.

*dies* @tartinebakery https://t.co/Q3cwLFEtMa

tfw the same people like your photo on instagram, facebook, AND twitter https://t.co/ZRGVAIaDem

this is what homeschooling looks like in your 10yo's backpack. this is how you know it was the right decision. https://t.co/RtHEMKY4Ry

people who punctuate "that's funny" with a period make me uncomfortable.