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Behind the Scenes with Grow Financial

It’s hard to begin to express my gratitude for all of the people who made my heart so full with the way they straight up OWNed this campaign with joy and passion and grace and all the other things that make this the magic business.

First and foremost, there was George Watkins (much more on him in another more elaborate post sometime very soon). He’s been directing commercials for oh-I-don’t-know-50-ish years. He is the most humble, gracious person I’ve ever been around in real life. and he spent countless hours helping me mold and shape this campaign to be what it is. He was there for the initial boarding, the casting for joe, the casting again for joe’s wife, the prep, the shoot, the edit… the whole she-bang. He made absolutely sure we *got the shot* and he helped me maintain my vision with so many moving parts.

Then there was the crew. Unbelievably spirited, full-hearted people making it rain against all odds. Waking in the very wee hours of january.Keeping us from going overtime. Blowing bubbles with the kids in the background. Making everything perfect. making everything fun. Rigor and laughter. 8 spots in 2 days is no joke. I shed a tear at wrap at the end of the first day, and I caught our seasoned assistant director choking up at what we had accomplished. All of us. Moving together to make absolute magic happen on the screen.

And the client. Such a lovely clear-eyed group who really enjoyed being a part of the process and who truly owned the creative. We’re selling a product that you can believe in– credit unions are full of friendly, wonderful people who also love… well… people. Working with clients like this? Let’s just say it doesn’t happen every day. Perfect storm.

So here we are with a behind the scenes video for your viewing pleasure. My cup, it runneth over. Happy to be at the helm of this mighty creative team. Let’s do it again soon.

Special thanks to Nathan Bolster and the Ampersand team for pulling this video together for us.